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Its Time for Bums! Five First Anal Sex Erotica Stories Nycole Folk

Its Time for Bums! Five First Anal Sex Erotica Stories

Nycole Folk

Published October 21st 2014
Kindle Edition
39 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Can you imagine being so stressed about your grade point average that you’re willing to sleep with a professor to get the A? What if you discovered your professor wanted your tiniest and most intimate opening? That’s just one of the stories in this collection where the sex is explicit, the scenarios are steamy, and the bums are… well, let’s just say the backdoor is opened wide! Click now to get these stories and enjoy all the backdoor fun!Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, teacher/student sex, first anal sex, ass to mouth, semen swallowing, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.1. The Backdoor Quickie (Whoa! That’s My Ass!) A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Nycole FolkPat and I were pretty damned adventurous. We screwed in just about every position and just about everywhere on campus. It wasn’t uncommon for us to have a quickie, and on this particular day I knew he had to get to class so as we were going at it I told him to do whatever he needed to cum as quickly as he could. I guess I expected to change positions or for him to talk dirty or something. I never expected he’d suddenly take my ass and give me a first anal sex experience I’d never forget!2. When My Client Bent Me Over (My Spontaneous Backdoor Initiation) A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Carolyne CoxOkay. It was my own fault. I know that. When he walked into my office I was immediately struck by how attractive he was and didn’t think. I just kissed him. Before I knew it, we were having a hot and sexy time in my office but I never expected him to go after my tiniest and tightest hole! He did, though. Before I knew it I was right in the middle of my first anal sex experience, and it was rough as hell!3. Ass Deep in Midterm Stress (My Backdoor Wishes I’d Studied More) A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Hope ParsonsI was a straight A student for fuck’s sake! How the hell did I end up so damned out of it when it came to a simple midterm? I did though, and that meant I had to find a way to take care of things that didn’t involve books. How was I supposed to know the professor’s price would be my tiny untouched ass? Maybe if I hit the books as hard as he hit my backdoor I wouldn’t find myself in this position, the bent over position!4. My Hotel Voyeur Experience (Watching the Stranger Give Up Her Backdoor) A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Cassie HacthawI couldn’t believe what was happening. The couple in the adjoining room left the separating door open, and I could see them going at it! I knew I should have looked away but it was such an incredible sight. He was so damned huge and she was so petite, and they looked incredible. The crazy thing was how rough he got and how she didn’t seem to mind. Then, something crazy happened. As I watched, I saw him change course and suddenly he was after her backdoor!5. It Didn’t Hurt! (When My Spanish Professor Took My Backdoor) A Teacher/Student First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Francine ForthrightI was a straight A student but I just couldn’t get my Spanish grade where I needed it to be. Marco, the assistant professor, was willing to help. At first, when he made a few of my quiz scores A’s, I thought he was just being nice. He made it clear, though, that keeping up the plan meant I would have to sleep with him. Well, I couldn’t let my grade point average die! I was nervous when we started and I got really, really nervous when he started paying attention to my ass. It was crazy, though. All of the rumors I’d heard didn’t happen to me.